Pastor Paul McGuire was asked: “What could cause someone to accept the chip (mark of the beast)?”

Paul McGuire was asked: “What could cause someone to accept the chip (mark of the beast)?”
Paul McGuire Answers:
ONES SUCCUMBED TO SOCIAL ENGINEERING: The brainwashed or socially engineered with willingly accept it. They will be the ones that (may) reject the Word of God completely.
IGNORANCE OF WORD OF GOD: Seventy percent of American church do not teach Bible prophecy perpetuate spiritual deception so their people have never been taught about the mark of the beast, the micro-chip implant and the fact that it is coming. Nor have they been taught the consequences: eternal damnation.
THE GREAT DELUSION: When the book of Revelation talks about sorcery (Pharmacia: drugs). The idea is that sorcery, magic and manipulation of the mind psychotropic drugs; I would add scientific mind control, which would encompass psychotropic weapons, EMF waves, altered states of consciousness, virtual realities, the ability to change a person’s brain chemistry. That along with the luciferian component, people are no longer living in a normal state of reality.
They have entered an American Matrix. A virtual reality produced by GMO foods, which effect brain chemistry, fluoridated water, the alpha/brain waves that are being disseminated, the neurological programing in the media and the mantra-like hypnotic programming and mind control that is emanating through our media in a sub-conscious level.
And, this with the use of prescription and illegal drugs creates an atmosphere of intellect where people are not in their right mind. They are living in a virtual reality. They have entered a luciferian-generated matrix. And this entire isolationism and new reality that is produced through social media has created an artificial virtual world community.