TBS Ranks Ludwig von Mises Institute 9th Most Influential Think Tank in the United States.

“These days, Mises and CATO are sometimes hard rivals. But, it’s kind of a David and Goliath competition. CATO has annual revenues of $29.1 million and a staff & faculty of more than 200. It exists in the “heart of the beast” (Washington DC). Mises, on the other hand, has an annual revenue of $4.7 Million and a staff & faculty of about 10 and is located in a sleepy college town in Alabama.”

About the LvMI the TBS says:

The Ludwig von Mises Institute resists being labeled as “conservative” by any standard. Specifically, their foreign policy views, their position on the US Constitution, and their views on social policy are all either non-conservative or anti-conservative. The only place where conservatives may overlap with them is in market economics, but only in America is that considered to be a “conservative” position.”