Remaining silent against evil and the resulting consequences

“The stakes are so high. It is a battle for our very souls. We cannot regard this war lightly and every step we take must be within God’s realm. Out internal salvation depends on which side of this war that we conspicuously occupy.

The entire war is a war between good and evil.

If we remain silent now and if we do not take a stand for our faith, for our principles, for God, we are complicit in an agenda of evil that’s going to consume us and relegate us to God’s judgment. So for us to remain silent today is to acquiesce to evil, to surrender to satan and give up our birthright. So many Christians are choosing to remain silent under the guise of tolerance and by doing so—to remain silent for the sake of tolerance—is to tolerate evil and that places us in a position of where we are conscientious objectors. And there is no such thing in this war of good and evil. As Christians we cannot sit out this war and expect not to be judged for our inaction.”  Doug Hagmann
Pastor David Lankford responds:

That is do true. We can’t sit. We have to do and be vocal because they are and if we turn into a bunch of pacifists …Abraham Lincoln said to preach the Constitution from the pulpits.

A Grand Jury in Baltimore, Maryland has subpoenaed Rick Wiles’ radio programs. They are coming after us and they are going to try to stop us.”

The above from:
As Judgment begins in the House of God, Total Hell is Loosed upon the Earth
Pastor David Lankford and Steve Quayle


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