Man determining who God saved

This determination by a man who God has saved is extremely presumptuous, bordering on pride and arrogance–and marketing. X number of people were saved today, or last month or during the year the crowd is told. Everyone feels so good. And proud.

Only God can prepare the heart for the soul to be saved. Only God knows when a person’s soul is saved? So who appointed these men to count the saved for Him? Where does such authority come from? It does not come from God. So where does it come from? Man is not the captain of his ship and is not the master of his fate. There are only two gods. Father God; and the god of this age who has blinded the minds of unbelievers (a former believer who now is an unbeliever). 2 Cor. 4:4. So where does this authority come from?

No man on earth has the power or the responsibility to state how many people God saved. And without the responsibility he cannot have the authority.

I had the responsibility over my sons and with that responsibility I had the authority (still do to some extent). A pastor (who is not the pastor/shepherd over my sons) has no responsibility over my sons; and thus no authority over them. I am not God. No pastor has the responsibility over who God saves; and thus he has no authority over who is saved. His position is to equip, train, and minister to and take care of the sheep.

A person can only say X number of people said they were saved. But how can that statement be made if each individual is not asked: were you saved? And how can a pastor on January 10, 2010 say Mr. B was saved, but when Mr. B later turns against God then say that Mr. B was never really saved on January 10, 2010. (He may not have been saved but only God, not the pastor knows.)

Where does the authority come from for a pastor to count the number who were saved when the pastor does not have the responsibility to determine or count the number saved. The pastor cannot give himself that authority. So where does the authority come from?

But what if those persons “who were saved” are required to sign some commitment card or paper?  Who is this for?  Is it for God or for the “church” records?  A commitment to God is from a person’s heart to God because being saved allowed him to be born again (spirit alive).  So, what does the commitment card mean and who is it for?  Is it for God?  God has His own book.  So when the names on the commitment card are placed on the books and records of the “church”,  is this not counting the number of people who are saved?  Where is the authority for this?  The only Book that counts is God’s book–because He is the only One who knows when someone is saved (soul) and born again (spirit alive); and He has SOLE responsibility and authority for saving and keeping the names in the Book.


Boasting about how many were saved through using the “sinners” prayer


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