The Confessing Church cowered before the Fuhrer; and caretakers of the Word were bystanders to evil

NOTICE, BELOW, THAT IT WAS SECULAR INDIVIDUALS NOT SO-CALLED CHRISTIANS (UNDER THE LAW, NOT GRACE) WHO HELPED BONHOEFFER. Dietrich Bonhoeffer recognized the state as sovereign but not as Soveriegn as God.  JRD

Strange Glory–A Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, p. 314:

The Confessing Church had finally cowered before the Fuhrer. Its officials and caretakers of the Word had become bystanders to evil. By contract, Bonhoeffer’s new secular comrades in the resistance fastened themselves to the concrete reality with brave defiance. This puzzling divergence inspired Bonhoeffer to cultivate an appreciation of the “good people” and propose “the beatification of those who are persecuted for the sake of a just cause.”


Bonhoeffer And The Sovereign State


The Heroism of Dietrich Bonhoeffer




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