71 Percent Of US Government Workers Are Disengaged At Work

“But they all vote.

“Don’t get me wrong, I am sure there are plenty of good, hardworking folks at the EPA and FDA and USDA and in all the other agencies that we know and love. In fact I know there are. I’ve known a few. (They are the ones who told me what was really going on.)  But I have also known government workers who were happily disengaged. The big goal is getting to retirement so that they can get their check(s) for the rest of their lives without the commute.”

“Most of America has no idea of the scam being run by the DC bureaucracy.

“The cost of disengaged workers to the U.S. government per year is roughly half a trillion dollars, according to a Tuesday Gallup Poll. State and local governments comprise roughly 11 percent of national GDP, and conservative estimates peg disengagement costs of these governments at $100 billion dollars.”