Introducing the Rothbard Reader

“The collection ends on another personal note. Many of Rothbard’s friends attest that when meeting him for the first time, they were stunned by the personality of the man they had previously known only through his academic work. Rothbard embodied a rare vigor and humor, and his love of liberty encompassed more than academic interests: he enjoyed the fruits of liberty as well. These included listening to jazz music and going to the movies, both of which he loved, although perhaps not as much as he delighted in writing about them. The final section, “Movie Reviews,” collects some of Rothbard’s most entertaining criticism through the years.”

I can vouch for the sentence in red above.  I knew Murray well.  Because Rothbard was so extremely intelligent and wrote as much as what many say was equal to what 7 great men could write (assuming they never slept), most people were intimidated to meet him.  But when they met him for the first time, and thereafter, he was jovial, full of laughter and was ready to converse–with fun–about anything.  Richard Duke