What Would Patrick Henry Say Today?–Pastor Chuck Baldwin

“It is very painful to wake up and realize that the United States has not fought a constitutional war since World War II. It is very painful to wake up and realize that the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are the aggressor states in the Middle East, NOT Russia, Iran, and Syria. It is very painful to wake up and realize that much, if not most, of our country’s military endeavors have almost nothing to do with protecting the lives, security, and property of the people of the United States, but have almost everything to do with protecting and expanding the financial interests of the global/corporate/banking elite.”

And did I mention that the FBI actually took over a child pornography website for several weeks using the photos and videos of real children? Well, it did. In fact, while the FBI was distributing the child pornography, they actually upgraded the site by making it faster and more accessible. The FBI distributed at least 48,000 photos and 200 videos of child pornography.  Imagine if one of those images was a photo or video of YOUR child. Imagine! A federal law enforcement agency that ostensibly is dedicated to protecting American lives–especially children’s lives–sexually exploited thousands of little boys and girls–all under the rubric of catching pedophiles, of course. But by sexually exploiting these little children, I contend those FBI agents did in fact become pedophiles themselves. But they carry badges, so that makes it okay. And if you don’t believe what I’m telling you, look it up for yourself.”