How Not to Study the State

“The question was, “what is government?”

“My hand was in the air before he completed the sentence. (I had prepared an answer in anticipation of the course.) Holding on to my holster full of knowledge garnered from my proudly self-described “intellectually avant-garde” internet musings, I said, “Governments (i.e., states in this case) are those organizations that have monopolized the use of force over any given geographical region.”

I then felt embarrassment as my passionate answer was struck down by laughter from the class. My teacher looked down at the floor, unsure how to respond. He had obviously never heard such an answer before, and recovered by reverting back to his conventional train of thought and answering the question as he had been conditioned to: “Governments” he said, “are simply those institutions that make policy.”  [AND THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF GOVERNMENT BRAINWASHING OVER TEACHERS AND STUDENTS–AND THE REASON MOST PEOPLE WORSHIP THE STATE BUT DON’T KNOW IT (BECAUSE OF BRAINWASHING)]

“I do not remember what he said next. Though I do remember what I was thinking, or rather, what I was feeling.”

And I was feeling frustrated and unsatisfied.

My teacher was wrong; the class was wrong.