Putin: “We Should Be Grateful To President Trump: In Moscow It’s Cold And Snowing”

Putin slams down Megyn Kelly over Trump


The Colder War: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America’s Grasp

Please do not attribute the following facts as if my posting shows how I see Putin or what I think about Putin.  You can only form a false impression about me from this post or other posts–Richard Duke–:

Putin has two PhDs and a law degree and is a mathematical genius.   He is also a martial arts expert  in several disciplines, especially in Judo, and a world-class chess player.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday during a panel at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum that the US investigations into whether the Kremlin meddled in the US election are nothing more than “hysteria,” and that the anti-Russia sentiment in the US was about as virulent as anti-semitism.  “It’s like saying everything is the Jews’ fault,” said Putin, who said the blame for Hillary Clinton’s November loss lies squarely at the feet of the Democratic presidential candidate and members of her party, according to a report.