Book: The Reason We Act the Way We Do Is That We Are Not Intelligent Enough to Act Otherwise

I have known the author for years from being in a local coffee shop, talking primarily about financial and financial-related matters.  Richard Duke


From Amazon:

The reason we act the way we do is that we are not intelligent enough to act otherwise. This is like saying that the reason a person is not able to lift a box of a certain weight is that he is not strong enough to do so. If an idea or a thought or a challenge or a solution (the sort of things that make the world look the way it does) is like a box of a certain weight, then a person who is at 70 pound strength cannot come up with the solution to a 90 pound problem. A person who is at 70 pound strength cannot lift a 90 pound box. In other words, if income inequality or a certain injustice or the conflict in a part of the world weighs 200 pounds and there is no one in the world who can exercise a solution that weighs at least 201 pounds, then the problem will persist. Thus, our orientation should not even be to keep trying to solve a problem but rather to keep trying to be stronger, to keep trying to exercise ideas that weigh more. Of course, we do not have to exercise heavier ideas or know how to or have a place to go to do it or even be capable of manufacturing new ideas once we are able to exercise all the ones we have. However, the thought that is now evident is can we imagine what the world would look like if we did! For the first time in the world, for a person who has decided to gain thought strength, there is now not just a framework for a training/thinking regimen in the form of a book, there is also the invitation to attend a gym. There is now a place to gather.