Book: Foundations of Economics: A Christian View

Professors at Christian colleges and universities are mostly left to supplement one of the standard works with articles from an explicitly Christian perspective. Many of these materials do not advocate Biblical principles in the area of the state and economic policy but merely offer interventionism dressed up in Christian language.”

“In Foundations of Economics, I provide a Christian justification for economics as a discipline, and show how certain relevant Christian doctrines impact both how we do economic analysis and how we analyze economic policy. Economics is important because of the cultural mandate. It is really about how humans act to solve one of mankind’s greatest dilemmas: how do we fulfill our commission to work, fill, rule, and keep creation in a fallen world of aggravated scarcity without either starving to death or killing one another?”  Shawn Ritenour


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The Story of Foundations of Economics

 “I had been interviewed by the school newspaper at the university where I had landed my first job out of graduate school. After the usual questions, such as, “Do you like it here?” and “What courses do you teach?” the reporter asked me “So — why did you decide to become an economist?” as if she wanted to peek behind the veil so as to understand why not just me but anyone would want to pursue such a career. Without a moment’s hesitation I spun my chair around, reached up to the second shelf of my relatively small bookcase, and pulled down my worn copy of Ludwig von Mises’s Human Action.”

Author:  Shawn Ritenour

Shawn Ritenour author of:

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