What Is The Book, Human Action About? Answer: Everything

Introduction, p. 23, The Mises Reader

Ludwig von Mises does not only provide us a vision of economic
truth, however. He also inspires us to greatness by presenting the student
an example of what an outstanding scholar should be. It does not take the
reader of Mises’s work very long to see what a breadth of knowledge Mises
had. Murray Rothbard once recounted how, when someone first recommended
Human Action to him, he asked, “What is it about?” The response
to Rothbard wasEverything.” A student in one of my managerial economics
courses was impressed with the same observation. I had assigned
from Human Action a brief section about the distinction between the
manager and the entrepreneur. He liked what was assigned, so he began to
read through the fi rst part of the book. He was greatly impressed and told
me, “He doesn’t write just about economics. It’s all there, of course, but he
also writes about everything else.” This student now has a standard for real


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