An Interview with Bettina Bien Greaves–Mises Wire

“Today is Bettina Bien Greaves 100th birthday. Mrs. Greaves is a truly special person, and without her the Mises Institute would not be what it is today.”

“Along with her husband Percy, she attended Ludwig von Mises’s seminars at New York University, where she earned the respect and trust of Mises. She went on to be a vital assistant to Mises for the rest of his life, as well as becoming an accomplished scholar in her own right. Ever since the Mises Institute’s founding, Mrs. Greaves has been a remarkable supporter, contributor, and friend.”

“Anyone who cares about the ideas of Austiran economics, freedom, and peace, owe her their sincerist gratitude.”

“Below is an interview with Mrs. Greaves from 1998, discussing her time with Ludwig von Mises and the ideas the Mises Institute stands for.”