For a New Libertarian– Jeff Deist – Mises University, 2017

“So I suspect that while humans continue to exist, their stubborn tendency to form governments will remain a problem. The choice between organizing human affairs by economic means or political means was not undone by the printing press, or the industrial revolution, or electricity, or any number of enormous technological advancements. So we can’t assume liberation via the digital revolution.

No, Rothbard’s conception of liberty has held up quite well over nearly half a century.

It’s a beautiful, simple, and logical theory. And of course at least a degree of all three elements — individual liberty, property rights, and some conception of law protecting both — are necessary and present for real human progress.

If there is one overriding point we should remember it is that liberty is natural and organic and comports with human action. It doesn’t require a ‘new man.’”