Money answers all things–Ecclesiastes

1 Timothy 6:10 states that the love of money is the (some interpretations use “a”) root of all evil…

Also, Dr.  Guido Hülsmann explains in clearly understandable language that money (debased fiat currency and fractional reserve creditBOTH INFLATION) are the cause of EVERYTHING EVIL AND BAD–EVERYTHING!

Money of itself answers nothing.  One cannot eat it, use it for personal or hygiene purposes, etc.  It is ONLY a medium of exchange–to avoid bartering.  Richard Duke

Matthew Henry (18 October 1662 – 22 June 1714).  He understood history, monetary matters, politics, government, taxes, etc.–IN OTHER WORDS HE WAS EDUCATED.

Ecclesiastes 10:19

A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.

Hebrew language: 10:19 For mirth they are making a feast, And wine maketh life joyful, And the silver (kesefmoney) answereth with all.

How industrious generally all are, both princes and people, to get money, because that serves for all purposes, v. 19. He seems to prefer money before mirth: A feast is made for laughter, not merely for eating, but chiefly for pleasant conversation and the society of friends, not the laughter of the fool, which is madness, but that of wise men, by which they fit themselves for business and severe studies. Spiritual feasts are made for spiritual laughter, holy joy in God. Wine makes merry, makes glad the life, but money is the measure of all things and answers all things. Pecuniae obediunt omnia—Money commands all things. Though wine make merry, it will not be a house for us, nor a bed, nor clothing, nor provisions and portions for children; but money, if men have enough of it, will be all these. The feast cannot be made without money, and, though men have wine, they are not so much disposed to be merry unless they have money for the necessary supports of life. Money of itself answers nothing; it will neither feed nor clothe; but, as it is the instrument of commerce, it answers all the occasions of this present life. What is to be had may be had for money. But it answers nothing to the soul; it will not procure the pardon of sin, the favor of God, the peace of conscience; the soul, as it is not redeemed, so it is not maintained, with corruptible things as silver and gold. Some refer this to rulers; it is ill with the people when they give up themselves to luxury and riot, feasting and making merry, not only because their business is neglected, but because money must be had to answer all these things, and, in order to that, the people squeezed by heavy taxes.IV. How cautious subjects have need to be that they harbor not any disloyal purposes in their minds, nor keep up any factious cabals or consultations against the government, because it is ten to one that they are discovered and brought to light.”


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