Pastor Robert Jeffress And The Prophets Of Ahab–Pastor Chuck Baldwin

“Frankly, over the past several years, I have become extremely disappointed with what passes for “preaching” in most churches today. Regardless of denomination, I find a serious dearth of both scholarship and courage in too many of America’s pulpits. It seems to me that a majority of pastors are much more success-driven than they are truth-driven. The emphasis in most pulpits seems to be on attendance, financial income, and increasing programs, staff, and buildings. Furthermore, the content commonly emanating from these pulpits mostly regurgitates denominational dogma, seminary indoctrination, mega-church mimicry, and political partisanship. Genuine independent self-study and the sheer guts to preach controversial truth are almost nonexistent in most of America’s pulpits today. And the spiritual condition of our churches (and country) reflects it.”