Fulfilling the Government Plan Requires Obedience by All


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With Government, “Living Beyond Your Means” Is a Moral Problem

“One of Hayek’s central points is that a comprehensive system of socialist central planning will require the construction and imposition of a detailed system of relative values to which and within which all in the society will have to conform, if the plan imposed by the government is to succeed.”
“That is the origin of his warning that government central planning runs the danger of becoming tyranny and a new form of “serfdom,” since any meaningful dissent in word or deed cannot be permitted without threatening the fulfillment of the goals of the government’s plan. All will have to be assigned to their work, and be tied to it to ensure that the plan meets its targets.”
“Even dissent, Hayek warns, becomes a threat to the achievement of the plan and its related redistributive policies. How can the plan be achieved if critics attempt to undermine people’s dedication to its triumph? Politically incorrect thoughts and actions must be repressed and supplanted with propaganda and “progressive” education for all.”
“Thus, unrestricted freedom of speech and the press, or opposition politicking, and even observed lack of enthusiasm for the purposes of the state become viewed as unpatriotic and potentially subversive.”

Austrian Economics & Public Policy–Restoring Freedom and Prosperity, Richard Ebeling, p. 120.