Far Worse Are the Collectivist Ideologues

“But worse are the ideological demagogues. They are the ones who hate freedom, despise the free choices of the ordinary citizen, have contempt for the individual, and believe all should be made to submit to a greater design and plan for humanity which they see, consider good, and know they are called to impose on all in society for the well-being of mankind, whose real and true interest they just know they know.”
“They are the philosophical and political collectivists. They want to rule and control. “They want all to submit to their power and will. They are the face of evil. They are Big Brother, who is to be not only obeyed but also worshipped as the secular divinities, the elect, and the elite, to whom all in society are to submit and praise as their saviors and paternalistic good guardians.”
“Theirs is the personality of the psychopath and the sadist. They really care about nothing other than their own desire for power; they enjoy it and like it that all others must bow and grovel before them.”
“And just like many psychopaths and sadists they are able to successfully hide their perverse pain-giving power-lusting behind a mask of crusading for social justice or desire to serve mankind, and wish to give back to society, by accepting the sacrifice of holding political office or governmental position for the betterment of their fellow men.”
“To return to the original analogy about the traveler claiming he wanted to go to California but set out on a route going to Florida, neither the democratic demagogues nor the philosophical and political collectivists want to reach the destination to which they publicly give lip service — a free, just, and prosperous society. They are merely using the words as the rhetorical means to their actual power-lusting and power-abusing ends.”
“That is what makes the task of the friends of freedom so crucially important. Our fellow citizens must understand that what they are being promised cannot be achieved by the means offered by those pursuing their own ends in government. Bastiat’s insight and lesson about “what is seen, and what is not seen” must be explained, persuasively clarified, and applied to all of the current interventionist, regulatory, and redistribution policies in place and being advanced. More of our fellow citizens must be made to see them for the snake oil and phony elixir that they all are.”

“As well, the friends of freedom must challenge others in society to ask why they should have to sacrifice their lives, their liberty, and their pursuit of happiness for illusionary and vacuous assertions about a collectivist common good, or general welfare, or national interest. By what right does the collectivist assert that people cannot peacefully and productively live for themselves in their own way guided by their own reason, values, and beliefs? By what right does the collectivist claim to know when and how they should be required — even compelled — to sacrifice their own dreams, hopes, and valued purposes for those of the group, tribe, or society that the collectivist says he speaks for and represents?“
“At the end of the day, the collectivist’s claims lead to nothing but political nooses around the necks of the citizenry with the end of the ropes in the hands of political charlatans and psychopathic power lusters who want to break the spirit of free people and make them the implicit slaves to self- selected demigods wishing to rule over mankind.”

Austrian Economics & Public Policy–Restoring Freedom and Prosperity, pp. 210-211, Richard Ebeling