Fed Quack Treatments are Causing the Stagnation

In fact, by the 17th century, many doctors knew bloodletting was more harmful than beneficial.  But the practice persisted for another 200 years.  How come?”

“From what we gather, doctors didn’t want to acknowledge their limitations.  Although they had garnered an astute understanding of how the human anatomy functioned, they had yet to discover cures for practically all diseases.  Thus, the common belief was that it was better to give a bloodletting treatment than no treatment at all.”

“Alas, like bloodletting barbers of the 19th century, it’s a quack treatment that has buried the economy under irreconcilable levels of debt.  Yet the quacks who deliver it are oblivious to the fact that their treatment is not a cure for the economy’s stagnation, but rather the cause.  Perhaps in two thousand years from now they’ll come to grips with this.”