The Las Vegas Shootings By Pastor Chuck Baldwin

“I will just say it upfront: I am extremely cynical of any and all mass shootings—and the one in Las Vegas is no exception. Soon after the shootings, I posted this on my Facebook page:”

“Some preliminary thoughts:”

*How does ONE guy take that many long guns and that much ammunition into a hotel room without being noticed or raising someone’s suspicion? Those Vegas casino hotels have cameras everywhere. This is Las Vegas, for heaven’s sake. Every staff person in these establishments is trained to be alert for suspicious behavior.”

*Witnesses said that “strange” people were going through the crowd prior to the shooting telling folks that they were going to die. What’s that all about?”

*There were reports of shots coming out of a lower floor window in the hotel. What’s that all about? Early reports quoted people saying that there were several shooters. Then later, it was declared that there was only one shooter. This seems to happen in every single mass shooting incident.”

“Either way, as I said in my message last Sunday, so much of what we see happening tells me that God is taking His hand of protection off of this country. America has turned its back on God, and we are paying the price.”

The answer is not gun control; the answer is for America’s pastors to stop play acting in the pulpit; stop worrying about offending people; stop following these prosperity preachers; and start being the courageous prophets to the nation that they should have been all along.”