An Economic Commentary on the Bible: Genesis to Revelation (31 volumes PDF)—Dr. Gary North

New Testament contains 215 verses pertaining to faith; 218 pertaining to salvation; and 2,084 dealing with money matters

Last week I contacted the appropriate persons at the Mises Institute to determine if Gary North’s 31 volumes of books–Economic Commentary on the Bible–was in the library.  Several years ago Dr. North gave 10,000 of his books to the Mises Institute.  (As of several years ago, he has read 17,000 books in his lifetime.)  Today while I was in the Mises building a lady at the Mises Institute contacted Dr. North and he advised her of where to find the books, as you will see below.  (One person could not open the link but did so in a text–website sent to text.) Richard Duke


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