People saying that God is mad and is judging the earth from something that happened in the past; but this is not the nature of God

People from the church say ‘well it is God judging New Orleans because Ellen DeGeneres was there and she is gay.’  Which I want to say, why did she get out and thousands of other people suffered there.  Because she did not die.  And then God got angry at the Japanese so they had the tsunami in Japan and Japan suffered because of some decision they made 500 years agoWhy didn’t He judge them 500 years ago if it was because of a problem or decision they made…And God is always angry at either Haitians or the people in New Orleans or He is angry at the Japanese or He is angry at America.  Listen that has nothing to do with the nature of God.  The situations that we see in the media today whether it is a hurricane or whether it’s a tornadoes or whether it is earth quakes is just the earth regurgitating and it’s waiting and waiting for the sons of God to be revealed.  I just know that when a hurricane comes or a tsunami or an earth quake, I am looking for a son of God to step up to the plate and start calling on the name of God and turn the tide of whatever is wrong and making it right.  There is nothing wrong with speaking to the storm.  Jesus did…Did Jesus cause the storm because someone was gay?”

Our perception of how things should go doesn’t always happen that way.”

Pastor Isa Bajalia


Evangelist Isa Bajalia 12-2-12 Grace message