The Texas Church Shootings–Pastor Chuck Baldwin

In this column on October 12, I wrote:

The next shooting (and there will be another one) will be worse than Las Vegas. They will not stop until America is disarmed OR until the American people awaken to what is happening and demand that the light of truth start shining on the dark forces behind these atrocities.

The church shooting in Texas is the first installment of my prediction above. But it certainly will not be the last.

The narrative is always the same: a lone gunman opens fire upon a crowd of helpless, defenseless people, resulting in the deaths and wounding of many; the gunman then kills himself before police arrive; and the call for more gun control crescendos. There is another common denominator of these shootings: they never make sense. Oh, there is still another one: certain eyewitnesses report the presence of multiple shooters. Ah, yes, there is one more common denominator: people on both ends of the political spectrum try to use the shooting for their own parochial political agendas. These are constants.