What Is Really Going On in the Church?

[The gospel of the Kingdom is not taught; only the gospel.  See the consequences–Matthew 13]

SEE at the end of this post: Priorities and Dominion: An Economic Commentary on Matthew, Dr. Gary North


“Over the past 6 months I have been researching the roots of some serious problems within the church. The church we see in North America looks nothing like the church in the Bible and definitely is not the bride Jesus is coming back for.

The information brought forward will challenge you think outside of your box, the box that has been created around you from the perspective which you see the world. This perspective has been formed by the influences in your life and the information you have allowed yourself to be subject to. People’s opinions about everything we believe to be true about the world and the church have predominantly come from only a few institutionalized sources. The information contained in this report you will not find taught in any course, church, school or on TV; this is the reason I have prepared this research paper – because without it, people will be left in the dark.

There are many people today that believe in Jesus but do not go to church because they cannot find any that have got it right

We all know there are no “perfect” churches out there.  But when most churches don’t even come close to resembling the Kingdom, teaching things that don’t really fit the true gospel and focusing on things that we know Jesus wouldn’t focus on, you might start to think there really is a big problem in the church today.”



“People do not go to church to worship God anymore but to worship themselves. They go to church for an experience.”


“If, say, you are a preacher, you wish to attract as large a congregation as you can, which means an appeal to the masses; and…adapting the terms of your message to the order of intellect and character that the masses exhibit.”


“Everyone with a message nowadays is…eager to take it to the masses…and the only thought is mass acceptance and approval…to put his doctrine in such shape as will capture the masses’ attention and approval…”

“Christianity is not a smiling face, church-going, love society as most Americans understand it.”


“Meanwhile, the Remnant, aware of this adulteration…turn their backs on the prophet [of the masses] and will have nothing to do with him or his message.”


When The Church Becomes Good For Nothing–Pastor Chuck Baldwin


Lesson under Matthew 23:15: Jesus—you make them twice the son of hell


“Christianity is not a smiling face, church-going, love society as most Americans understand it.”


The Christian in today’s world


How Jezebel’s False Doctrine Distorts God’s Grace and Truth


“The main trouble with all this is its reaction upon the mission itself. It necessitates an opportunist sophistication of one’s doctrine, which profoundly alters its character and reduces it to a mere placebo. If, say, you are a preacher, you wish to attract as large a congregation as you can, which means an appeal to the masses; and this, in turn, means adapting the terms of your message to the order of intellect and character that the masses exhibit. If you are an educator, say with a college on your hands, you wish to get as many students as possible, and you whittle down your requirements accordingly. If a writer, you aim at getting many readers; if a publisher, many purchasers; if a philosopher, many disciples; if a reformer, many converts; if a musician, many auditors; and so on. But as we see on all sides, in the realization of these several desires, the prophetic message is so heavily adulterated with trivialities, in every instance, that its effect on the masses is merely to harden them in their sins. Meanwhile, the Remnant, aware of this adulteration and of the desires that prompt it, turn their backs on the prophet [to the masses] and will have nothing to do with him or his message.” Albert Jay Noch


Isaiah’s Job-by Albert Jay Nock (Reading of Essay)


Isaiah’s Job-Albert Jay Noch (printed version of essay)

Making the lowest of the people priests and preachers of high places


The Prophets Prophesy Falsely: And People Love It–Pastor Chuck Baldwin


They made unto themselves the lowest as priests


The Prosperity Doctrine–against the word of God


Churches Of The State–Pastor Paul Green


Voluntary Servitude — Not Coercion — Fuels the State’s Power


A post regarding “cheap” grace and the once saved, always saved doctrine


How does one know that he is under false doctrine?


False Teachers Under 2 Peter 2—by Richard Duke


The early Christians did not believe in the doctrine known as eternal security, or “once saved, always saved.”


Boasting about how many were saved through using the “sinners” prayer


Man determining who God saved


Priorities and Dominion: An Economic Commentary on Matthew, Dr. Gary North

  1. The Centrality of God’s Kingdom

Jesus made it clear that seeking God’s kingdom is priority number

one for the individual. Most people today and in the past have not ac-

knowledged this fact, not even to themselves. They suppress the truth

that their own nature and the creation reveal about God (Rom. 1:18–25).


This does not mean that Jesus was wrong about mankind’s top

priority. It means only that most men are in rebellion against God.

Evangelical Christians too often believe that God’s top priority is

the salvation of men. This is a man-centered viewpoint, a kind of bap

-tized humanism for Christians. It makes them think that they are the

center of God’s concern. They are not. God is the center of God’s con-


The universe is theocentric.



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