Podcast Ep 45: The Christmas Stories as Anti-Imperial Good News

“Doug and Norman talk about the birth stories of Christ and how Matthew and Luke both use language and employ storytelling techniques that provide a clear anti-Roman and anti-empire story. This is good news for all because the message of liberation is not only about our personal liberation from the captivity of sin, but the cosmic liberation of captivity from slavery and oppression.”

Salvation is a word of time—not an eternal word.  The soul is saved (soul is a word of time—time outside the realm of eternity).  THE SOUL (BLOOD) DOES NOT GO TO HEAVEN; IT GOES TO HELL; THE SPIRIT (BREATH) GOES TO HEAVEN.  As you will learn on this podcast, salvation in the so-called early church was how to bring the Kingdom of God (inside us) and improve the world around us; AND IT DID NOT MEAN GOING TO HEAVEN.  Richard Duke