Mark My Word: This Polical Event Will Be Unlike Anything We’ve Seen in 50 Years—Porter Stansberry

“These uprisings and protests may be nominally about race.

Or Donald Trump. Or police brutality.

But what they’re really about, underneath it all, is money… and hopelessness.

Now, you might hear the mainstream press and politicians talking about “wealth inequality” when referencing our country’s social problems and political polarization.

But what they don’t tell you is that the growing disparity between rich and poor in America is a symptom of our problem… not the root cause.

Being in debt is an incredibly stressful way to live. You’re in a hole and there is simply no way out. So it’s no surprise that deaths by drugs and poisoning for the bottom 60% of American’s population have doubled since the year 2000… and suicide rates have doubled as well over the same period.

The underlying economic problem in America today is that money no longer flows to everyone equally in the way that it used to.

That much is obvious, right? As our country has gotten richer than ever… the income disparity widens every year.

But most Americans don’t understand why this is happening.

And here’s the secret:

The real underlying cause of our wealth and income disparity in America is that wages are no longer connected to gains in productivity.”