Ep 53: Must-reads for Libertarian Christians—Libertarian Christian Institute

“What Nesbit demonstrates is as the power of the state grows, it necessarily shrinks the influence of competing societal power structures. So at the state gets bigger and more powerful and takes on a more prominent role in our lives, the church, the family, the business, the guild or trade association, all of these voluntary competing associations which sort of compete with the state for loyalty, they necessarily shrink in influence. So Nesbit is saying that it is impossible to have robust, authentic communities, churches, families, businesses, etc., in the presence of a large, powerful state.

The state’s essence is to subsume everything under itself. And if you know French revolutionary history and leading up to the French revolution, prior to the French revolution, you had Jean-Jacques Rousseau who was sort of the philosopher who laid the groundwork before what became the French revolution. And one of the things he talks about is civil religion. And it is this idea that religion actually is good, but it should be controlled by the state, and its purposes should be oriented toward the state and the worship of the state, and the elevation of the collective. Well, it is all that same line of thinking. So the idea is that it is impossible to have the government and real human community in the true sense. If you want to have authentic human community, you must slash away at the size and scope of the state.”


Books covered in this episode:

  • Called to Freedom, ed. Elise Daniels and Jacqueline Isaacs
  • For a New Liberty by Murray Rothbard
  • Libertarian Theology of Freedom by Edmund Opitz
  • Religion and Capitalism: Allies not Enemies by Edmund Opitz
  • Bible and Government by John Cobin
  • Anarchy and Christianity by Jacque Ellul
  • Healing Our World by Mary Ruwart
  • Democracy, the God that Failed by Hans Herman Hoppe
  • The Quest for Community by Robert Nisbet
  • The Powers Trilogy by Walter Wink


Book: For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto–Rothbard

Book: Democracy – The God That Failed: The Economics and Politics of Monarchy, Democracy and Natural Order


The Property and Freedom Society–Hans-Hermann Hoppe