What Is the Church? by R.C. Sproul

kingdom of GodWe’re living in a time of crisis. Many Christians are decrying the decadence of American culture and complaining about the government and its value system. I understand that, but if we want to be concerned for our nation and culture, our priority must be the renewal of the church. We are the light of the world.

Government merely reflects and echoes the customs embraced by the people in a given generation. In a real sense, our government is exactly what we want it to be, or it wouldn’t be there. Change in culture doesn’t always come from the top down. It often comes from the bottom up. The change we need to work for, chiefly, is renewal within the church. As the church becomes the fellowship of citizens of heaven who manifest what it means to be the household of Christ, and when the church walks according to the power of the Holy Spirit—then the people of God will shine as the light of the world. When people see that light, they will give glory to God (Matt. 5:16). This will change the world. But Paul says, first of all, let the church be the church. We must remember who we are, who the foundation is, who the cornerstone is, who the head of our building is, who the Lord of the church is.



We are the salt of the earth. The salt is the preservative. It preserves the meat from decay and ruination and allows the meat to retain its purity and its character. Salt is a preservative. The Christian is supposed to be the salt of the earth; the preservative of society. The preservatives of truth and right and good, etc. We have a lot of churches today talk a lot about the light, and that’s great. Thank God for that. Thank God for the fact that they want to be light, they want to give the Gospel, they want to share the Good News. That is terrific. But that’s only half of it. The other half is being salt, and that is the part of our responsibility that most pastors in churches are not willing to accept.”

The salt means you have to stand up against decayYou have to stand up against ruinationIt means you have got to take a stand in your pulpit, in your community, in your state, in your country, against the things that are wrong and for the things that are rightAnd if you are not doing that, you are not doing the work that God has called you to do. Christians and pastors need to be the salt as well as the light.”  Chuck Baldwin.

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