What I Learned about Christian Love from My Conversation With Black Lives Matter Leader Hawk Newsome—Libertarian Christian Institute

“When Jesus visited his disciples after his execution, they were terrified. They expected him to bring the standard justice of the ancient world: vengeance. Instead, Jesus said, “Shalom.” This greeting was more than a cessation of violence; it was the start of a new order of harmony grounded in Jesus. Shalom means “no space between” parties united in love.

If There Is No Victim, There Is No Crime

Prisons are a societal version of the same restraint we individually reserve against violence. When we misuse them, we bear false witness against our neighbors. When a community casts a nonviolent person into a cage (rife with violence), we are performing a lie. We are treating them as if they have done violence that warrants sending lethal agents to separate them from their families and surround them with barbed wire and gun towers. We are resisting evil with violence.”



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