The DC: Wasserman Schultz screamed at House officials to kill hacking probe, intervened in Pakistani criminal matter

“In so many ways she is the embodiment of what is wrong with Washington DC. She is entitled. And she throws her influence around like a big shot – because, we sense, she needs to. (Most members of Congress need to. For many it’s why they felt driven to become House members.)

If you haven’t followed the Imran Awan scandal to date, and it is a humdinger of scandal, the attached article is a good place to start.But it doesn’t even get into the family members who were on the (taxpayer funded) government payroll who literally DID NOTHING. We are talking 7 figures. Or Amans wife being let out of the country by the FBI. (The arrest was BLOCKED by Comey.) Or…There’s just too much. But as we said, this is a good place to start or get updated.

Surprise surprise though, Ms. Wasserman-Schultz will likely win reelection.”