Richard Duke Attends the Rothbard Graduate Seminar 2018–Mises Institute

I attended, as an Observer, the 5-day Rothbard Graduate Seminar at the Mises Institute, Auburn, Alabama, June 11-15, 2018. A total of 27 students from 13 countries were in Auburn, Alabama, at the Mises Institute to dissect and discuss Murray Rothbard’s economic treatises, Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market–1,369 pagesThe lectures–each one hour–were followed by questions, answers, discussions, etc. for 1.5 hours. Listening to the questions/answers, discussions and sometimes friendly and often serious arguments, was exhausting, because one must listen with focused intensity.  It was a week well spent in my opinion.   As an attendee, I have all lectures on audio as well as the PowerPoint slides (not available to the public). Richard Duke

Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market    Hardback book,%20Economy,%20and%20State,%20with%20Power%20and%20Market_2.pdf    PDF book

Required Reading: Rothbard Graduate Seminar 2018