A Modest Proposal for Making America, and the World, Great Again

“America has 14,612 military aircraft to the Russian Federation’s 4,827. America has ten aircraft supercarriers (and two on order). Russia has one balky antique carrier, accompanied by an oceangoing tugboat to tow it back to port when it breaks down.
Russia has nine (rather small) foreign military bases, ten if one disputes Crimea as under Russian sovereignty. Most of these are in former constituent republics.
Notwithstanding nostalgia for the USSR, Russia is no hyperpower.
Nuclear, yes. Hyper, no. Nor can it afford to become one.
Meanwhile, the United States has 800 foreign bases.
I realize that Angela Merkel was born in communist East Germany. Still, do we really need to keep 34,805 troops stationed in Germany? Germany, while formidable, is no longer a frightening nihilistic state. Annoyingly officious, yes. Scary, no.”