Socialism, Like Dracula, Rises Again From the Grave

“Socialism reminds me of the Dracula movies I used to watch as a kid. Appearing at first as charming and appealing, he soon shows himself to be a nightmarish bloodsucker draining the life force of all that who become his victims. Socialism offered a vision of a utopian post-scarcity existence of social equality and human harmony, if only “capitalism” was abolished and replaced with socialist central planning and government redesigning of society.

What a hell on earth socialism-in-practice became once actually imposed and implemented with lost civil liberties, government-determined economic wellbeing independent of the needs, wishes or desires of the “the masses” under collectivist command and control, and a chamber of horrors of terror, torture and murder or enslavement in forced labor camps. The Communist Party members were the Red Draculas who lived privileged and favored lives, living off the work of those they coerced into being the human material of their central plans.

But rather than pass away with the demise of the Soviet Union and the economic changes in countries like China, socialism seems to be rising from the grave once again under the label of “democratic socialism.” What a farce and fraudulent deception in the use of words, since “democracy” carries in the minds of many the notion of freedom and justice. But socialist “democracy” is merely the society-wide extension of political and economic control over all of society, through the comprehensive politicization of every facet of human life, with a clique of ideological and power-lusting enthusiasts determined to remake the world into their own image.

Once more friends of freedom are called upon to intellectually drive a new stake through the heart of the socialist Vampires who wish to control the minds and souls of their fellow men, while living off the productive life-blood of those who they command to work and pay.”

Richard Ebeling