The Progressive Era—Rothbard

“I have heard people say that Murray Rothbard has been more productive after his death than many academics during their lives. His newest posthumously published book The Progressive Eracertainly adds weight to this claim. Edited by Patrick Newman, and with a foreword by Judge Andrew Napolitano, this comprehensive history brings forgotten elements of the growth of the government-business partnership back to the forefront of the historical narrative, offers a detailed analysis of the transition to a state-centric party-system, and dismantles the legend of Teddy Roosevelt—and this is just from the previously unpublished chapters that make up the first half of the book! As with any of Rothbard’s histories, The Progressive Era is packed with details that one cannot find elsewhere, and he pulls from his expertise as a professional economist to offer an interpretation that no other historian of the Progressive Era is able to provide.”


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