Summary of the Presentations at the Mises Institute 2018 Supporters Summit–By Richard Duke

Summary of the Mises Institute 2018 Supporters Summit

September 27-30, 2018

Auburn, Alabama


Tom DiLorenzo: “Biggest difference in students—they already come brainwashed in cultural Marxism. All are very well programmed. He said from K12 (kindergarten through 12th grade) they are propagandized by cultural Marxists.”


Patrick Newman, The Progressive Era and Conceived in Liberty Vol. 5. Newman compiled and edited the book, The Progressive Era, and he is doing the same for Murray Rothbard’s fifth volume, Conceived in Liberty.  Progressive era is really the regressive era—return to mercantilism.

[Mercantilism is an economic theory, thought to be a form of economic nationalism,[1] that holds that the prosperity of a nation is dependent upon its supply of capital, and that the global volume of international trade is “unchangeable”. Economic assets (or capital) are represented by bullion (gold, silver, and trade value) held by the state, which is best increased through a positive and healthy balance of trade with other nations (exports minus imports).

The theory assumes that wealth and monetary assets are identical. Mercantilism suggests that the ruling government should advance these goals by playing a protectionist role in the economy by encouraging exports and discouraging imports, notably through the use of subsidies and tariffs respectively. The theory dominated Western European economic policies from the 16th to the late-18th century.[1]

1.↑ Jump up to: 1.0 1.1 “Mercantilism”. The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics. Retrieved 2010-03-14.  ]

The fifth volume, Conceived in Liberty, deals with the Constitution. The Constitution was not A VOLUNTARY SOCIAL CONTRACT.

Connor Boyack, The Tuttle Twins and the Fate of the Future. He writes books for children to teach them truths, including Austrian economics.

David Gordon, preview of Rothbard A-Z. Rothbard A-Z is a book. This book is from Edward Fuller, is 800 pages, and is full of quotations from Rothbard.

Some of the statements by Murray Rothbard are: “The use of coercion is the legislation of immorality.” “Interventionism is not only immoral, but it does not work.” “Libertarians are against mass murder, so they really believe in a peaceful foreign policy.”

In 1948 or 1949, Rothbard was at Columbia University as a graduate student and he became a free market anarchist.

Mark Thornton, The Skyscraper Curse. Rutgers University and “The Economist” magazine wrote that Mark Thornton said that skyscrapers caused booms and busts. Mark Thornton pointed out that his book is very clear, as well as his previous articles, that skyscrapers are a consequence of low interest rates of the Fed and easy credit, but not the cause.

Specifically, he stated that monetary policy at the Fed and keeping interest rates too low are the cause of booms followed by busts.

Jeff Deist, “Are We Winning or Losing?” Politics gives us something down the middle.

The leftists have a hive mind.

Information is not knowledge.

On-line learning helps the Mises Institute, but this still requires some sort of systemization—systemize the teaching for people.

The political status quo is not working.

Kavanaugh may be a prelude to war (civil war).

Yuri Maltsev, “What Socialized Medicine Really Looks Like.” Germany, home of socialized medicine.

If you don’t own yourself, you are a slave.

Socialized medicine is the number one way to cause slavery.

Two hundred fifty million people are murdered by socialized medicine.

A Slave does not make choices. Stalin—cannot spend too much time reforming people; we must make new ones.

Socialism is a quality of results. To make you do what I want you to do, I must threaten you. In the Soviet Union, people over 65 received aspirin for everything under socialized medicine.

Obamacare is the gateway to socialized medicine. Socialized medicine has low mortality, high occupancy in hospitals.

If someone was really sick, he must leave the hospital. In the Soviet Union, 36 percent of hospitals have no water or sewer systems, and 52 percent had no hot water.

Eighteen percent of GDP is for medicine (surgery equals one-fourth in the U.S.).

Public education is a part of slavery. He said to read the book Why sex was better under socialism, which is a lie, he states.

Statistics in Russia were based on labor theory of Marx.

Seventy-eight percent of medical expenses in the U.S. is for labor.

Ryan McMaken, “How Fueled Our Movement.”

Internet video is growing at 78 percent per year.”

The New York Fed has less website traffic than the Mises Institute.

Jeff Deist, in his introduction stated that “the appointment of judges is the spoils of the presidential winner.”

Peter Klein, “Socialism in Silicon Valley.” Technology–nothing like it has had such an effect on the world.

It is a lodestar of capitalism and yet a bastion of socialism. $8.1 million from the tech industry with respect to the election—95 percent given to Clinton.

Why are intellectuals leftists? They are uncomfortable with commerce and markets but comfortable with telling you what to do. By supporting the state, they receive privileges, protection, etc. They don’t want to offend the powers that be.

Patrick Newman, “Murray Rothbard in the 21st Century.” Rothbard referred to the Alliance of the Throne (State) and the Altar (those feeding off the state and receiving privileges and protection, as Peter Klein stated above).

The state is a coercive entity; it is not a social contract. It emerges from conquest.

Tom DiLorenzo, “Political Correctness as Misesian Destructionism.”

Mises said that socialists are muddle-headed babblers because they ignore the laws of supply and demand.

Biggest difference in students—they already come brainwashed in cultural Marxism. All are very well programmed. He said from K12 (kindergarten through 12th grade) they are propagandized by cultural Marxists.

Two steps of cultural Marxists: (i) destroy existing institutions; and (ii) build a utopian society.

Cultural Marxists live off the capital of previous generations.

Hillary is a member of the protected class; and Trump is not a member of the protected class.

Mark Thornton, “The Opioid Crisis.” In 2000–lobbying that patients needed to be relieved from pain—wanted guidelines changed. The guidelines were changed, and physicians were encouraged to follow those guidelines. It (opioids) became the standard treatment. Many people became addicted.

In 2012–250 million prescriptions; 25 percent of those prescribed misused the prescriptions. Ten percent opioid disorder, and five percent transition over to heroin. In 2013, 111 million Americans in chronic pain.

The guidelines took control away from the physician and placed it in the hands of drug companies through the guidelines.

David Gordon, “The Most Important Books for Preserving Civilization.”

            Bastiat – The Law.  The state can’t get new powers that individuals don’t have.

Another Basic Thing – socialists and other planners view themselves above others in society; believe society must be controlled by the elite—educating—so they could teach us how to behave.

            Pamphlet: “What Has Government Done to Our Money?” by Rothbard.

Money is a commodity.

            Economics in One Lesson

            Socialism – This brilliant book written by Mises shows that socialism is not possible.

            Man, Economy and State

            Power and Market – Rothbard

            Human Action – Mises

 An Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought (2 volumes) – Rothbard

            Back Door to War