“Production is a spiritual, intellectual, and ideological phenomenon”–Mises

Read this blog post carefully; and you will get it.  We are not machines and machines do not run the universe—as believed and taught by the Cultural Marxists—Positivists, Historicists, etc. (you can search and find all these concepts being followed and pushed on us  in my blog posts).  And, the elitists (Cultural Marxists) do not believe they are machines.  Just the “deplorables.” Richard Duke

Only the human mind that directs action and production is creative.
The mind too appertains to the universe and to nature; it is a part
of the given and existing world. To call the mind creative is not to
indulge in any metaphysical speculations. We call it creative because
we are at a loss to trace the changes brought about by human
action farther back than to the point at which we are faced with the
intervention of reason directing human activities. Production is not
something physical, natural, and external; it is a spiritual and intellectual
phenomenon. Its essential requisites are not human labor and
external natural forces and things, but the decision of the mind to use
these factors as means for the attainment of ends. What produces the
product is not toil and trouble in themselves, but the fact that the
toilers are guided by reason. The human mind alone has the power to
remove uneasiness.
The materialist metaphysics of the Marxians misconstrues these
things entirely. The “productive forces” are not material. Production
is a spiritual, intellectual, and ideological phenomenon. It is the
method that man, directed by reason, employs for the best possible
removal of uneasiness. What distinguishes our conditions from those
of our ancestors who lived one thousand or twenty thousand years
ago is not something material, but something spiritual. The material
changes are the outcome of the spiritual changes.”

Human Action Scholars Edition, p. 141, Ludwig von Mises



(PDF, p. 142)


Human Action, The Scholar’s Edition, by Ludwig von Mises

“The necessity of choosing between material and spiritual satisfaction cannot be evaded”–Mises


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“‘Social engineering’–a synonym for dictatorship and totalitarian tyranny. The idea is to treat human beings in the same way in which the engineer treats the stuff out of which he builds his bridges, roads, and machines.”–Mises


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“As the behaviorist tells us, man can be thought of as “an assembled organic machine ready to run.”3 He disregards the fact that while machines run the way the engineer and the operator make them run, men run spontaneously here and there. “At birth human infants, regardless of their heredity, are as equal as Fords.”4Starting from this manifest falsehood, the behaviorist proposes to operate the “human Ford” the way the operator drives his car.  He acts as if he owned humanity and were called upon to control and to shape it according to his own designs. For he himself is above the law, the god sent ruler of mankind.”

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: mathematics, engineering and social science—how they are alike and differ


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