Only a minority of people understand the value of a creative genius–Mises

People often err very lamentably in estimating the work of the creative genius. Only a minority of men are appreciative enough to attach the right value to the achievement of poets, artists and thinkers. It may happen that the indifference of his contemporaries makes it impossible for a genius to accomplish what he would have accomplished if his fellow-men had displayed better judgment. The way in which the poet laureate and the philosopher a’ la mode are selected is certainly questionable.”

The Mises Reader, p. 158, Shawn Ritenour, Editor

[I do not know if Ludwig von Mises was also referring to himself here, but it certainly was applicable that he was, in my opinion, beyond a genius; and there was a great indifference of his contemporaries with respect to his teachings and words.  Richard Duke]

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