Stop Shaming People Who Don’t Vote

“You aren’t an abhorrent citizen failing to perform your civic duty if you abstain from voting.”

“Indeed, if this election is the one that history will judge as the turning point for Western civilization, then a willful non-participant must be viewed as an other-person. How dare they not fulfill their civic duty!

But, I reject this condemnation of those who choose not to choose. Quite the contrary—I believe in abstinence education when it comes to the ballot box.”–7JzaTQVlNQJ58H1MIIySR8QSwouv4yRPSrXTcyCc0Syzj9tKFFYwPwWFe497eSJDKwtLjuct-EdKPsRxHOKYlEJxsJw&_hsmi=67271981