On My Life’s Work-Interview of Lew Rockwell

“In this interview with Jeff Deist, Lew Rockwell discusses the founding of the Mises Institute, Murray Rothbard, and whether or not the good guys are winning.”

“Are we winning or are we losing? Both. We’re winning in some ways but losing in others. More and more young people on campuses are attracted to us. When they look at their professors — I’m talking about the smart, good kids — the professors might as well have signs flashing on their foreheads that say “liar, liar.” And the young people come to us because they want the truth and they want no baloney and they want no PC and they want a hard rigorous course of study and that’s what they get from us. On the other hand, it seems that much is going downhill, but this has always been the case throughout all of civilization. It’s always been a fight, and I think that we can win this fight, but we all have to work very hard. We have to educate ourselves, educate others and it’s possible to win, but it’s going to be a close run thing.”  Lew Rockwell