The Creepy Line: A New Documentary on the Immense Power of Tech Giants

Romans 12:2–do not be conformed to the world; renew mind


Passivity in Church Leads to Captivity; and Captivity Leads to Death-Jesse Penn-Lewis


“The Creepy Line, a new documentary by director M.A. Taylor, is now streaming at Amazon Prime. It provides an interesting and revealing look at how Google and Facebook influence their users’ view of the world, and how the users we often presume to be the customers of these companies aren’t really the customers. The users are, in fact, the product being sold to third parties.

The Creepy Line takes its title from a description of Google once uttered by Google executive Eric Schmidt who said Google’s mission was to “get right up to the creepy line and not cross it.”

In truth, though, by pioneering the “surveillance business model,” Google has arguably been stepping over “the creepy line” for years. Not that this has been much of a problem for the company. Few users seem motivated to stop using Google products.

This then brings us to another way Google and Facebook insinuate their company policies and views into our daily lives. By creating the software behind search results and new feeds, the owners and employees of these companies decide what information users consume.

What The Creepy Line does, though, is remind us of how truly easy it is to manipulate users by framing and selecting the information they see.”


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