“I Thought This Deal Was Absurd, But Pensions Are Piling In…”

The World Economic Forum reported that in 2015, worldwide pensions were underfunded by $70 TRILLION. That is larger than the top 20 economies in the world, combined.

In the US alone, federal, state, and local government pensions are $7 trillion short on the funding they need to pay what they have promised.

So these pensions are forced to take on more and more risk just to break even(oh, and deal with corrupt government officials)…

They’re essentially taking the teachers’ and firemen’s retirement money and betting it on black… hoping to dig themselves out of the enormous hole they’re in.

But pensions are desperate. And they’re swinging for the fences just to make ends meet.

Pensions have nearly doubled their allocation to real estate since 2006 (investing an extra $120 billion into the sector).