Researching our free wills given by God; and finding those trying to reduce or remove our free wills–by Richard Duke


I am deep into studying the will of man and woman—the free will–from serious researching.  Mises, Rothbard and their students write about the will; and how the statists want to reduce or remove our free wills.  The Bible talks about the will—free will. Certain scriptures, including those about the Tabernacle, discuss the will and how God watches man’s will.  

So, I have a question.

Who gave us our free wills?  Answer: God.

With all the rules, regulations, etc. forced on us, and the continuous reductions of  individual freedoms, does the state and the statist bureaucrats add to or take away from the exercise of our free wills?

Is anyone or anything that reduces our abilities to exercise our free wills acting contrary to God who gave us free wills?

Who are we obedient to, then, if we passively accept everything the statists do and require?

If we believe in God and remain passive against the evils of reducing or removing our God-give free wills, are we subject to what Jesse Penn-Lewis said: passivity leads to captivity; and captivity leads to death?  By slowly giving up our free wills, are we like a frog in water who becomes desensitized to the slowly rising heat resulting in the frog being boiled to death?

Are the answers to these questions important?

Passivity in Church Leads to Captivity; and Captivity Leads to Death-Jesse Penn-Lewis


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Isaiah 58:1:

Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, their transgression, and their sins



Mises wrote that one of the primary goals of the statists is reducing and removal of your free wills. Statists want control over your lives; (and propaganda is so thick that one cannot cut thru it. — added by Richard Duke). 

The mainstream are by and large controlled.  That includes anything and everything of the mainstream.  

Richard Duke


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