Thinkers Who Challenged the State–David Gordon (Video)

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Society Without The State (Videos)



The Most Important Books for Preserving Civilization | David Gordon–Mises Supporters Summit 2018


Here David Gordon explains:

Plato—we must have a guardian class to rein people in to make sure they do not get out of control.  People are pigs, he said.

Aristotle—a state is necessary because the highest life is not producing but those who are engaged in public deliberation.  Deliberating about the public order.

Mold, guide and direct people—from the top (Plato and Aristotle)

Then comes:

Bastiat:  challenged Plato and Aristotle.  His big book:  The Law.   Bastiat asked why should we assume there is a superior class?  Why are they better than other people?  Where do they get their supposed wisdom from?  They seem to take it for granted that they are better than others.  [David discusses more about what Bastiat wrote]

Frédéric Bastiat

Frans Oppenheimer and Albert J. Nock:  Distinguished two ways people can get wealth.  One is thru peaceful production and trade (economic means) and other is to seize from others by grabbing (political means.  The state is the organization by political means. They did not believe that the state was not as Plato and Aristotle said an organization that educates people and made their character better.  They said the state was a predatory group seizing the property of others.

Franz Oppenheimer

Albert Jay Nock