National Debt to Turn the American Dream into a Nightmare?

“The numbers, and consequences, are staggering – a budget deficit of $1 trillion and a national debt of $21 trillion. If those trends continue the American dream of future generations being better off will be a thing of the past.”


Debt Slaves–to the master–the government–funded by the Fed (debt) and taxes


The Clock Is Ticking: “Modern Slaves Are Not In Chains, They’re In Debt”


Ron Paul Warns A 50% Stock Market Decline Is Coming…And There’s No Way To Stop It


The Albatross Of Debt: The Stock Market’s $67 Trillion Nightmare


Book: Fed Up: An Insider’s Take on Why the Federal Reserve Is Bad for America


Is Money Creation Fueling the Stock Market Surge?


How much do you really know about your money, and the Federal Reserve that “controls” our economy? (Short VIDEO, most people know very little)


Who’s To Blame For Wild Stock Market? Look To The Federal Reserve


PODCAST: Is The Stock Market Detached From Reality?


The Next Stock Market Crash Will Be Blamed On Donald Trump But It Will Be The Federal Reserve’s Fault Instead


Why The Stock Market Has Soared (And We’ll All Soon Know What It’s Like To Be A Madoff Client)


David Stockman’s Bloomberg interview – Japan, stock markets, oil, banking crisis & more


The Fed caused 93% of the entire stock market’s move since 2008: Analysis


All The FANG Stocks Are Now In A Bear Market And Facebook Investors Have Already Lost 39 Percent Of Their Paper Wealth


More income inequality? You can thank the Federal Reserve, and Richard Nixon


What Nassim Nicholas Taleb would do if given a job at the Federal Reserve


The biggest theft ever banking lie federal reserve IRS cartoon Schoolhouse rock


The Federal Reserve’s Shell Game—Inflation, wealth redistribution, and the subtle art of misdirection


Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve


Who’s To Blame For Wild Stock Market? Look To The Federal Reserve


Make sure to tell your child about the Federal Reserve ponzi scheme



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