Book: War, Christianity, and the State

Why Are Christians Warmongers?–Libertarian Christian Institute


When Christians Sold Out to the State En Masse


After Constantine the church became the chaplain of empire; but Jesus said My Kingdom is not of this world

Laurence M. Vance

“These seventy-six essays, organized under the headings of Christianity and War, Christianity and the Military, Christianity and the Warfare State, and Christianity and Torture, have one underlying theme: the relation of Christianity to war, the military, and the warfare state. If there is any group of people that should be opposed to war, torture, militarism, and the warfare state with its suppression of civil liberties, imperial presidency, government propaganda, and interventionist foreign policy it is Christians, and especially conservative, evangelical, and fundamentalist Christians who claim to strictly follow the dictates of Scripture and worship the Prince of Peace.

Although many of these essays reference contemporary events, the principles discussed in all of them are timeless: war, militarism, the warfare state, and especially the proper Christian attitude toward these things.”



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