An Obituary To Fed Credibility

The Fed was created out of deceit and fraud and implemented thru a secret meeting at Jekyll Island, Georgia. It has never had credibility. Founded on deceit and fraud and continues to operate through deceit and fraud today (the government making the deceit and fraud legal does not change the facts of deceit and fraud in its activities). The Bible in several places says that unequal weights and measures (generally referring to debased silver) are an abomination to God. In Nehemiah the poor had to sell their children to the enemy of God to stay alive.  The Bible says this was caused by their having to pay the King and his cronies with debased silver (the English Bible uses the word “tribute” but that is wrong).  It as inflation of the money by debasing the silver with cheaper contents that forced the sale of children.

Counterfeit currency and credit destroy the poor first; and God detests this. The government passing the Federal Reserve Act does not change these facts of destruction while the government, its so-called employees, its cronies such as the military industrial complex and of course, the bankers that funds these actions are living high.

Richard Duke

“As with many terminal patients the initial hope is that aggressive treatment would work and cure the patient. But when the one time emergency round of drugs didn’t cure the patient additional drugs were needed and turned the patient into a hopeless junkie. After multiple injections a sense of dread was making the rounds. QE1 did not cure the patient, QE 2 and 3 were required with a little twist here and there thrown in. But the Fed doctors kept promising all would be well and the addiction could be stopped and the patient returned to normal.”