How “Woke” Are You on World Poverty?

“By now you have probably heard the exhortation “stay woke.” To be woke means a person is “an informed, questioning, self-educating individual” who “look[s] past the provided narrative.” Yet, most among the self-proclaimed woke are still fast asleep. They may have a facile way of imparting narratives about issues, but those narratives are often based on neither sound facts nor theories.

In his book Factfulness, Hans Rosling, the late great professor of international health, offers 13 fact questions to test “our knowledge about the world.” One of those questions is foundational to our beliefs about the state of the world:

In the last 20 years, the proportion of the world population living in extreme poverty has …”–6pX5FylMFrv713ZeFUITEoPLFjkBx2x-26uOx3639OaT9maF_zysIGOZRvbPOs5jCT-LeE0kEarUxBAY4e0-hXFRVjw&_hsmi=69663097