Knowledge; Diligence; Study To Act; Doctrine Of God Our Savior; Mind Control And Perverting God’s Word; Refusing Correction; Free Wills And Those Attempting To Remove; Removal Of Theology Of Moral Transgression And Its Doctrine Of Eternal Doom–The Bible

Propaganda works best when those…being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will



How long simple ones, who hate knowledge, will you love simplicity while the scorners delight in their scorning–Proverbs


Bible: Be diligent because the unlearned and unstable do not understand and fall unto their own destruction; and are led away by the error of the wicked


Study to show yourself approved unto God–a bad translation!


Mind Control and the Perverting of God’s Word–Michael Lake


The doctrine of God our Savior must be taught


Adorning the Doctrine of God Our Savior–Titus 2


Doctrine of God our Savior and Hebrews


Adorning The Doctrine Of God Our SaviorBy Charles Finney–December 5, 1855


Jeremiah 5:1-3–they have refused correction


Researching our free wills given by God; and finding those trying to reduce or remove our free wills–by Richard Duke


Determinism and the free will controversy–Mises


Do I Respect My Free Will?–Libertarian Christian Institute


Darwin rescued rebellious Western man from Christianity’s theology of moral transgression and its doctrine of eternal doom–Dr. Gary North




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