Ecclesiastes shows the meaninglessness of life when weighed against the eternity that God placed in hearts of men; today we have subordination of church to state

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“In Ecclesiastes we read of the meaninglessness of life when weighed against the eternity that God has placed in the hearts of men. In the Europe of the Middle Ages, the noble was concerned with his eternal life and God’s eternal kingdom and this concern shaped his behavior; no longer the case since the Enlightenment. The common motto for today’s enlightened “nobility” is “he who dies with the most toys wins.” This is reflected in our time: corruption, lust, and greed define the new nobility.

During much of the Middle Ages, there was a meaningful and functional separation of Church and king, each superior in its realm, neither with sovereign power or authority. Each offering an avenue for appeal if one felt his liberties were unfairly compromised by the other.

Today we have the subordination of church to state. One recalls the exchange between the Jewish priests and Pilate regarding Jesus’ fate. Pilate asked: “Shall I crucify your king?” and in reply, the priests shouted “We have no king but Caesar.” Sounds like a typical Sunday morning in America.”

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